Obage Soundbase SB-001 Soundbar with in-Built Woofer with Bluetooth 5.0, FM, USB, AUX


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  • NOT FOR LOUD LISTENERS. Covers closed rooms up to 175 sq.ft.
  • FLAT Sound Signature with “Bass Boost” Switch for extra bass at low volumes.
  • Place the system on a higher place (near ear level) to enjoy best vocals. ZERO FATIGUE sound quality with a bright treble.
  • NO bass control, NO treble control. BUT volume control is present.
  • Volume control on Front module and Remote control.

Obage Soundbase SB-001 Soundbar with built-in woofer

A versatile sound system for attaching with TV or listening to your favorite music, that comes with 4″ subwoofer packing 20 Watts RMS and 2 full range speakers of 3″ each packing 10 Watts RMS. “Bass Boost” Switch included to raise the level of bass further while listening on extremely low volumes. Enjoy clear bass at every volume!

Must keep 2 very important things in mind :

1. It is NOT meant for “loud” listeners. It’s designed for clarity lovers and people who love music in its purest form.

2. Room’s acoustics matter a lot. More the sound absorbents in the room, better the bass and overall sound quality will be.

Bass: Goes down till 60 Hz, does not disturb the vocals and HIGH BASS mode to enjoy bass at even low volume.

Vocals: Clean and Clear vocals, a perfect match for your TV.

Treble: Bright and lively treble to catch every instrument without causing any fatigue to ears. Perfect for listening for long hours.

Burn in period: Use the system for 8-10 hours (in total) before making an opinion on it. In this time duration, the mechanical components of the drivers will become more efficient and the sound quality will vastly improve.




Enjoy extra bass

You can bring the bass to normal bass level while enjoying your TV sound. While listening to music, you may switch to HIGH BASS mode for that extra punch of bass.

The perfect balance

In NORMAL BASS mode, SB-001 provides a flat sound signature which is the most desired sound profile for audioholics.


Bluetooth 5.0

No background noise during the Bluetooth operation. Enjoy music in peace!


Clean sound, clear sound

The sweetness of sound of SB-001 is profound and makes you fall in love with music. It causes no fatigue to your ears!


Please understand

Use HIGH BASS mode only in volume less than 24, so that you are not disturbed by extra bass. Also, use HIGH BASS mode only in normal (NOR) EQ mode.


Distortion is unhealthy

Distortion decreases the health of speakers and this stands true for all speakers in the world. So, avoid playing distorted music.


Loud listeners will be disappointed

This speaker system is designed for LONG DURATION LISTENING and indoor use only.


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